Sagemeadow Maintenance Committee
Serving 1,161 Residential Homes in Sagemeadow Subdivision in Southeastern Harris County, Texas

Reporting Broken or Burned-Out Street Lights:
To report a broken or burned-out street light for repair, please make a note of the street address and the six-digit identification number on the light pole, and then click here

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The Sagemeadow Maintenance Committee is established by the deed restrictions of the Sagemeadow subdivision in Southeastern unincorporated Harris County.  The duties of the committee include: enforcement of deed restrictions, esplanade maintenance, and the operation of street lights.

The Committee is a Texas non-profit, non-stock corporation which is funded by an annual maintenance fee paid by all homeowners.  This fee is a legal, contractual obligation of each homeowner, established by restrictive covenants filed in the official Real Property records of Harris County.  Purchasing or owning a home in Sagemeadow obligates the owner to pay this fee. 

The owner of each property is compelled to pay assessments to the property owners association. The amount of the assessment is subject to change on an annual basis. Failure to pay the assessments could result in late fees and interest on any outstanding amounts, and enforcement of the associations lien on the property.

2019 statements ($174.00) will be mailed out by the end of January, with a due date no later than March 1st of 2019.

Any payments that are not received or post marked prior to March 1st will be considered past due and subject to additional fees.

Please be sure to make all checks payable to: Sagemeadow Maintenance Committee

Payments of any kind should be made payable to Sagemeadow Maintenance Committee and addressed to:

Sagemeadow Maintenance Committee
C/O Canady & Canady PC
4707 Ingersoll St.
Houston, TX 77027

Mailing Address for general correspondence:

Sagemeadow Maintenance Committee
11200 Fuqua St. suite 100 box #340
Houston, TX 77089

Email Address for Questions and Deed Restriction Complaints:

Committee Members:
James Moe
Garry Henderson

The committee meets on the 2nd Thursday of every month at 7:00 pm in the Sagemeadow MUD building at the intersection of Hall Road and Blackhawk.  Committee meetings are open to all, and homeowners or residents of the Sagemeadow subdivision are encouraged to attend.

Committee Elections, Budgets, and Maintenance Fee Changes:
The three positions on the committee are filled for a three year term, and elections are held every year for each position, in rotation.  The election is held at the Sagemeadow MUD building on the first Saturday in December, and any homeowner in Sagemeadow subdivision may vote.  Candidates must be homeowners in Sagemeadow subdivision, and may be nominated at the maintenance committee meeting in November.  Homeowners may vote for nominated candidates, or they may write in a candidate of their choice.  The committee budget is proposed at the November meeting and voted on by the committee at the December meeting.  Maintenence fee increases under 8% per year may be approved by the committee at the October meeting of each year.  Maintenance fee increases over 8% per year must be approved by a vote of the homeowners.

Sagemeadow Architecture Control Committee:
The deed restrictions require that any construction or alteration of buildings in the subdivision must be approved by the Sagemeadow Architecture Control Committee.  To request approval, email a brief description of the work to be done to

Sagemeadow MUD Contact Information:
For any questions regarding water, sewer, trash pickup, or fire protection services, please contact:
Sagemeadow Municipal Utility District
10755 Hall Road, Houston, TX 77089
281-481-4182Reporting Unsafe Structures, Rodents/Insects, Abandoned Pools, Garbage/Junk, Waste Water, or Weeds over 36 Inches:
In addition to Sagemeadow Deed Restriction Enforcement, complaints regarding these subjects may be filed with Harris County Public Health & Environmental Services at this web page:

Note to Real Estate Licensees (REALTORs, Real Estate Brokers, etc.):
When using form TREC No. 36-4 (Addendum For Property Subject to Mandatory Membership in an Owner's Association), please be advised that the Sagemeadow Maintenance Committee, under Chapter 207 of the Texas Property Code, has the right to receive a written request and to charge a reasonable fee for the preparation and delivery of the resale certificate. The current fee adopted by the Board is $200.00. Any questions regarding this policy should be directed to the Board at

[last update: 25 March 2017]